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The expansion is soft and smooth ideal for anchor frames

Vorpa has several products that have received European Technical Assessments, all issued by prestigious European Institutes in accordance to ETAG guidelines. The VHS anchors are also available with shear nuts or safety permanent/removable nuts both in Socket Sets Suppliers the steel version and the A2 stainless steel version.8 hex head bolt for use in non-cracked concrete (ETA – 14/0403).

The expansion is soft and smooth, ideal for anchor frames, plates, profiles and plant engineering.Known for quality, reliability and innovation, Vorpa’s state of the art design capability and technological experience is evident across its products range – from medium duty anchors, general light fixings, resin bonded anchors, through to sanitary fixings, electrical material fixings and self-service DIY products.

Last but not least Vorpa is able to offer customers a new and improved version of its Vorpa Calcul Anchor 2.0 – a calculation software that includes a variety of updates such as the possibility to design installation of chemical anchors according to EOTA’s TR029.

Smooth expansion of the VHS-C anchor is ensured thanks to transverse slots punched into the body and knurled expansion cone. The latest star to enter into the family is the torque controlled middle duty anchor VHS-C with 8

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